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"Crossroad between Tolerance and Solidarity" Youth Exchange
Venue: Tsaghkadzor, Armenia
Dates: 28.02.2014-07.03.2014

Short Description:

Youth Exchange will be focused on cross-cultural communication and sharing experience in the sphere of Tolerance, Solidarity, Mutual Understanding and Youth Cooperation. The main objectives of the project is to strengthen Tolerance and Solidarity, European citizenship and Mutual Understanding among young people from Caucasus, Eastern Europe and European Union. At the same time project aims at giving youngsters the possibility to work in mixed nationality groups and exchange ideas and experiences as well as giving them a platform to find areas of mutual concern and continue to work together in future.
Duration of the project is 6 days. There w... Read more »
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THE LANE KIRKLAND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME for the academic year 2014-2015

Competition for candidates from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia,
as well as Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic.

The Program is addressed to young leaders, holding MA university degrees, who are determined to
be actively involved in the development of democracy, economy and civil society in their countries
and the region. The program includes two semesters of study at Polish universities and 2-4 week
professional internships in public and private institutions.

• Economics and Management
• Administration / Management (i.e. business, NGOs, culture, environment protection and
• Public Administration (Centra... Read more »
Views: 644 | Added by: Diplomat | Date: 04.12.2013

Dates: 26.01.2014 - 02.02 2014

Short Description:
The INCLUSIVE MOBILITY TOWARDS YOUTH EMPLOYABLITY (IMTYE) seminar is devoted to European mobility schemes as a tool for developing young people’s skills and competences in order to be competitive on the labour market, avoid marginalisation and social exclusion, focusing on migrants in Europe. The seminar will focus on such issues as youth mobility and participation and promotion of YiA, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and other youth mobility programmes as a tool for social inclusion of young people and young migrants. The seminar will also look at EU initiatives such as Youth on the Move and the Youth Opportunities Initiative and their use in fighting youth unemployment. Seminar wi... Read more »
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Dialogue Instead of Conflict, Understanding Instead of Doubts
Oslo, Norway

This training course (TC) is dedicated to the promotion of non-violent actions and the development of peace initiatives. The project will gather young people from several Western and Eastern European countries such as Norway, Georgia, Greece, Armenia, Romania and Azerbaijan.
The TC will cover different types of conflicts and in different settings and consequently ways of transforming conflicts by non-violent actions. The emphasize is placed on foster a constructive debate on recent conflicts in Europe and cooperation in the youth field. This is done by promoting non-violent approaches leading to actions on peace-building. Moreover, young leaders will discuss the significant role of youth participati... Read more »
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Youth Dialogue for Understanding and Diversity
Dates: 19.10.2013-27.10.2013
Venue: Tsaghkadzor, Armenia
Participating countries: Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Ukraine.
Deadline for applications: 10.09.2013
The project is financed by Youth in Action Programme of European Union
Please click Here for downloading the application form.
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Dear Friends,
We are counting down the days to meet you here on our project "Leave Your Traces - Fill the Empty Spaces.”
We are very excited to host you during one week in the beautiful seaside
town of Kobuleti. We prepared an interesting, productive and entertaining programme for you.
This info pack will make everything clear in your mind and let you know what will be expected for and from you. Below you will find almost all the necessary information regarding the project.
Please read this info pack very carefully!

The training course "Leave Your Traces - Fill the E... Read more »
Views: 823 | Added by: Janazyan | Date: 08.08.2013

Dear Friends,
We are counting down the days to meet you here for our project "Through Media to
Participation.” We are very excited to host you during one week in the beautiful seaside
town of Kobuleti. We prepared an interesting, productive and entertaining programme for
This info pack will make everything clear in your mind and let you know what will be
Views: 518 | Added by: Janazyan | Date: 04.08.2013

Dear all,
i'm happy to inform you, that our youth exchange "Urban creatures - redefining public space" was approved! It will takie place in Georgia, Sptember 22-29. Initially we've chosen Zugdidi as a venue, however it might be changed. We will let you know a... Read more »
Views: 616 | Added by: Janazyan | Date: 03.08.2013

Themes*: to arise and promote awareness about the nature of youth work,
provide the participants with the basic knowledge of the project management
and developing the further youth exchanges inside and beyond Europe in

*Place* : Luhansk, Ukraine

*Dates* : July, 11-20

*Participant countries in EU and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus:*

Georgia, Italy, Armenia, Moldova, the Netherlands, France, Estonia, Ukraine

*Profile participants*:

4 participants from each organization:

- Minimum 18 years old

- Experienced in yout... Read more »
Views: 18228 | Added by: Janazyan | Date: 02.07.2013 | Comments (36)

Venue: Torino, Italy
Dates: 01.07.2013-10.07.2013

Project description:

Subject: As a theme and as a reality that is challenging for society, conflict comes high on the political agenda everywhere in Europe. While the form of conflicts may vary – inter- ethnic, inter-religious, international or any other – many states face urgent situations of tension and are not always prepared to handle them or to find solutions acceptable to all concerned. Recently, security logics and increased policing have been the choice of governm... Read more »

Views: 1149 | Added by: Janazyan | Date: 30.04.2013

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